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Dr. Dorothée Vandamme speaking during EFSAS Webinar on Afghanistan and the region post Taliban take over


Dr. Dorothée Vandamme, Centre for the Study of Crises and International Conflicts, EFSAS Research Fellow & Research Fellow at Genesys Network, primarily focused her presentation on the role of the Pakistani military establishment in the modern trajectory of Afghanistan. Following the partition of British India in 1947, Dr. Vandamme argued, the Pakistani military establishment has focused on ensuring strategic equality with India and preventing an encirclement along its eastern and western flanks. Historically, the military establishment has thus benefited from upholding threat perception as high threat perceptions validate and legitimize the existence and dictating role of the Pakistani army internally in Pakistan as well as externally. 

Dr. Dorothée Vandamme speaking during EFSAS Webinar, ‘Afghanistan and the region post - Taliban takeover'. 


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