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EFSAS comments on the Pashtun Tahafuz Movement in Pakistan


According to the leader of the movement, Manzoor Pashteen, many atrocities have been committed by Pakistan’s own security forces and intelligence agencies against Pashtuns in FATA and that should not be neglected. In a recent interview with Deutsche Welle, he said:

“I have been told by intelligence agencies that I should give up this demand. But I have made it clear to them that even if they have killed all missing persons, they must let us know. They told me they would accept any other demand except releasing missing people and the issue of extrajudicial killings”.

The reluctance of the Military establishment and intelligence apparatus to meet this demand, as expressed by Manzoor Pashteen, is understandable as it would mean accepting responsibility and confessing to the crime of abducting and/or killing more than 32,000 Pakistani citizens in the last decade.