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EFSAS comments on CRS Report on J&K and Pakistan's growing desperation


Pakistan’s diplomacy on the matter has thus far come across as ineffectual, disjointed, and increasingly desperate. Only 3 countries, China, Turkey and Malaysia, have sung Pakistan’s tune. Diplomatic efforts, meanwhile, have repeatedly been consigned to the back-burner in the interest of dealing with an economic crisis of epic proportions, and with protecting the primacy of the Pakistani military establishment in the face of attacks by politico-religious parties on the one hand and the judiciary on the other. After all, in Pakistan, preserving the hegemony of the military establishment is paramount; J&K (and its populace) is only a convenient tool to be used against India. The desperation that recurrent failure and the paucity of options have bred can be gauged from some of the doomsday scenarios that have been painted by the Pakistani leadership.