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EFSAS comments and looks ahead with regard to South Asia in the upcoming year


The Taliban takeover of Afghanistan from a war-weary United States (US), which gave the impression in the dying stages of its exit of being completely sapped of all its erstwhile intent, exuberance and optimism, was nothing short of surrender by a much vaunted international coalition before a conglomerate of motley terrorist groups under the banner of the Taliban. For those naive many that had begun to harbour hopes that the two-decade-long near normalcy that the US and the international coalition had brought to Afghanistan would take roots and persist well into the future, the re-take of Kabul by terrorists was a bitter pill to swallow. Equally painful were the images of the power hungry and dictatorial military junta in Myanmar unleashing inhuman brutality against its own people and killing thousands mercilessly just because they dared to question the junta’s illegal and humiliating dismissal of their will expressed through a bona fide electoral process. Other countries of the region also had their fair share of violence and troubles, and the explosive COVID-19 wave that engulfed and devastated the region in the spring and summer of 2021 was heart-rending.