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New Study Paper by EFSAS - Corruption - an inherent element of Democracy in Pakistan?


No Pakistani Prime Minister has ever completed the five-year long Government term as all Heads of Government have been dismissed due to charges of corruption. This paper aims to demonstrate how corruption has proved to be an irreplaceable ingredient in the history of Pakistani democratic rule of law. Corruption in general has plagued the country and has infiltrated the socio-economic and political landscape. From Heads of State, through judiciary to local police officers while simultaneously, the public witnesses a curious paradox: None of the Military Generals have ever faced a verdict for corrupt practices. This imposes the question whether Army governance is the answer to terminating corruption in Pakistan, or the fragile criminal justice institutions do not have the courage to pursue responsibility from the Military, but do so only for the civil Administration. For the purposes of this paper, first the theoretical foundation of the corruption phenomenon will be discussed, followed by an analysis and a historical overview of the cases of Pakistani officials alleged in such conduct. 


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