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European Foundation for South Asian Studies

Located in Amsterdam, the European Foundation for South Asian Studies (EFSAS) is an EU accredited leading independent, non-profit think tank and policy research institution.

EFSAS specifically focuses on South Asia, Terrorism, Indo-Pak relations and the Jammu & Kashmir conflict.

EFSAS provides strategic in-depth analysis, research, statistical data, policy advice and forecasts related to developments in the fields of politics, international relations, conflict management, human rights, security, diplomacy, strategic affairs and conflict resolution.


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     EFSAS Commentary 27-03-2020

Kabul Gurdwara terrorist attack


     Article by Tim Foxley - EFSAS Fellow

Islamic State in Afghanistan


     New EFSAS Article 

Pashtun Tahaffuz Movement



Side-event by EFSAS during the 43rd Session of the United Nations Human Rights Council

The European Foundation for South Asian Studies (EFSAS) will be organizing a Side-event during the 43rd Session of the United Nations Human Rights Council…

EFSAS is pleased to announce its new partnership with STERN - University of Sussex, UK

EFSAS establishes its new partnership with Sussex Terrorism and Extremism Research Network (STERN), located at the University of Sussex, United Kingdom.

EFSAS is pleased to welcome Mr. Malaiz Daud as a Research Fellow

Mr. Daud was the Chief of Staff of Afghanistan’s current President (Mr. Ashraf Ghani) in 2010-2011. He is a political analyst with an M.A. in Post-War…

News & Cases

EFSAS comments on the real orchestrators behind the Kabul Gurdwara attack

Exactly who was behind the attack is a question that has cropped up in its aftermath. Several experts believe that ISKP serves as a red herring for the Haqqani network.

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'Islamic State in Afghanistan' - by Tim Foxley - EFSAS Research Fellow

ISKP is a rogue and dangerous group - not part of any process - not defeated, and looking to regroup in eastern Afghanistan and western Pakistan.

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New EFSAS Article: Pashtun Tahaffuz Movement - Thorn in the Military's side

The Pakistani authorities’ arrest of Manzoor Pashteen only drove the PTM thorn deeper into the Pakistani military’s side, fuelling the movement’s determination.

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EFSAS comments on Pakistan's faux pas at SAARC COVID-19 video conference

Although Pakistan’s target may have been India, its misplaced remarks showed Pakistan in a very poor light in the eyes of the other SAARC member countries.

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