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European Foundation for South Asian Studies

Located in Amsterdam, the European Foundation for South Asian Studies (EFSAS) is an EU accredited leading independent, non-profit think tank and policy research institution.

EFSAS specifically focuses on South-Asia, Terrorism, Indo-Pak relations and the Jammu & Kashmir conflict.

The European Foundation for South Asian Studies (EFSAS) provides strategic in-depth analysis, research, statistical data, policy advice and forecasts related to developments in the fields of politics, international relations, conflict management, human rights, security, diplomacy, strategic affairs and conflict resolution.

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Comment-Asma Jahangir's death


Comment-Pak on FATF's Watchlist


Comment-CPEC blues: Attacks in Pak












EFSAS meets with OSCE and human rights organization Justice and Peace Netherlands

EFSAS held meetings with Justice and Peace Netherlands and Mr. Zannier, OSCE High Commissioner on National Minorities in the Netherlands.

EFSAS raises South Asia with NGOs and MEPs in Brussels

EFSAS delegation meets with NGOs and MEPs, and attends an event at the Egmont Institute in Brussels.

EFSAS' Study on Durand Line that separates Pakistan and Afghanistan

EFSAS' study about The Durand Line shows that it does not involve merely the Governments of Pakistan and Afghanistan as the only two adversarial forces.

EFSAS commentary on attacks in Kabul and geo-political developments in the region.

A suicide bomb attack on a Shiite Cultural Centre in Kabul on 28 December 2017, killed at least 40 people while injuring more than 80 civilians.

News & Cases

EFSAS comments on the sudden death of Pakistan's human rights activist Asma Jahangir

EFSAS comments on Asma Jahangir, one of the staunchest human rights voices in Pakistan, died on February 11th 2018, at the age of 66 due to a heart attack.

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EFSAS comments on FATF's move to place Pakistan on the 'Grey' Watch-List

EFSAS Comments on FATF's intentions to place Pakistan on a money-laundering and terror-financing ‘grey’ watch-list of countries considered non-compliant with global anti-terrorist financing regulations.

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EFSAS comments on CPEC blues; attacks on Chinese Nationals in Pakistan

EFSAS comments on attacks on Chinese Nationals in Pakistan and the failure of the Pakistani military to accomplish a state of stability.

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EFSAS comments on Kabul attack - an atrocious War Crime

EFSAS comments on the bomb blast attack in Kabul on the 27th January 2018, in which more than 100 people died and almost 300 were injured.

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