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EFSAS Conference in House of Commons, UK Parliament - London

The European Foundation for South Asian Studies (EFSAS), in collaboration with the Labour Foreign Policy Group, will be organizing Conference, ‘China's Expansionism in South Asia’,  in Committee Room 6 of the House of Commons, UK Parliament on 15th of November at 6:30 PM (GMT). This in-person event is organised in cooperation with the Labour Foreign Policy Group.

This conference will provide an opportunity to explore the complexities surrounding China's growing influence in South Asia and its implications for the region. Our distinguished panel of experts will shed light on the geopolitical dynamics of China's recent activities, including The Belt and Road Initiative, The China–Pakistan Economic Corridor and China's overall geopolitical posture in South Asia and beyond.

Through engaging discussions and thought-provoking presentations, the aim of this Conference is to gain a deeper understanding of the political consequences that arise from China's growing presence in South Asia, such as its interference in regional democracies, its application of debt-trap diplomacy and the ramifications of these actions on human rights. This event offers a unique platform for intellectual exchange and networking with like-minded individuals who are interested in international relations and geopolitics.

Please ensure to register here (Mandatory Registration - No admission without Registration) and that you arrive at Gate 9 - Cromwell Green (Visitor's Entrance) at 6 PM to allow sufficient time to pass through security.


The Speakers will include: 

  • Catherine West - Member of Parliament Labour Party | Shadow Minister for Asia and the Pacific
  • Peymana Assad - Representative of the London Borough of Harrow Council | Labour Party UK
  • Gray Sergeant - Research Fellow Council of Geostrategy | Chair of Hong Kong Watch
  • Burzine Waghmar - SOAS South Asia Institute | Former Inaugural Visiting India Fellow RUSI-London
  • Dr. Said Alam Mehsud - Writer | Ex-advisor on CPEC to KPK Provincial Government and Parliament in Pakistan.

Opening remarks by James Jennion - Chair of the Working Group on China at the Labour Foreign Policy Group.