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Mr. Junaid Qureshi (EFSAS) speaking during Panel Discussion on China's Belt and Road Initiative at the Erasmus University


Mr. Qureshi analysed how the CPEC, happening without any local involvement, has created enormous dissatisfaction and tension among the indigenous people. He highlighted how immigrant Chinese labor force has taken many of the CPEC job prospects and that Pakistan’s Government has confiscated land of locals in Gilgit Baltistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan under the pretext of development and work placements. As a result, the local population suffers numerous human rights violations on a daily basis, with Baloch nationalists fearing that the influx of Chinese workers and nationals could potentially turn the demographic balance of the region against them.

Mr. Qureshi concluded by saying that following Beijing’s history of trade relations with African countries, it is evident that China is very careful about its investments by initially adopting a soft approach and thereafter quite rigid in receiving its money back. 


Mr. Junaid Qureshi (EFSAS) speaking during ‘China’s Belt and Road Initiative: Violence Along the Way in South Asia’ at the Erasmus University


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