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Mr. Timothy Foxley speaking during EFSAS Webinar on Afghanistan and the region post Taliban take over


Mr. Timothy Foxley - Political/Military Analyst, Former Senior Analyst for the British Ministry of Defense, the Swedish Ministry of Defense and SIPRI, and currently an EFSAS Research Fellow, began his speech by stating that the international community needs to be cautious of the present developments in Afghanistan. Narrating the history of the conflict, he argued that not much has changed from 20 years ago. However, Mr. Foxley opined that the current Taliban government is a minority force that have a monopoly on violence and seem to enjoy very little popular support, especially given the fact that its recently formed cabinet does not represent the political and ethnic diversity within the country, this making the group not the ‘liberators’ as it likes to portray itself.

Mr. Timothy Foxley speaking during EFSAS Webinar, ‘Afghanistan and the region post - Taliban takeover'


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