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Ms. Nargis Nehan speaking during EFSAS Webinar on Afghanistan and the region post Taliban take over


Ms. Nargis Nehan, Former Minister of Afghanistan on Mines, Petroleum & Industry, and Founder of the NGO ‘Equality for Peace and Democracy’, argued that the Taliban cabinet, announced recently by the group, failed to represent both gender and ethnic diversity of Afghanistan. The Taliban, she contended further, did not represent a popular mass movement but had capitalized on endemic corruption in the country, the relative weakness of the Afghan security forces and the absence of a unified national leadership. Ms. Nehan further argued that the military situation deteriorated more rapidly than commonly anticipated and has now reached a stage where the Taliban's victory is treated as a fait accompli by the international community, which has adopted a tactic of "wait and watch".

Ms. Nargis Nehan speaking during EFSAS Webinar, ‘Afghanistan and the region post - Taliban takeover'. 


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