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Panel Discussion in King's College, London - 'Kashmir, through my lens'

28-10-2017, London

A Panel Discussion titled, 'Kashmir, through my lens', was held at King's College in London on the 28th of October 2017. Mr. Junaid Qureshi, Director of EFSAS, was invited to speak as one of the Key-note speakers. Other speakers included Prof. Z.U. Khan, Dr. Shabir Choudhry, Major Gaurav Arya, Lord Nazir Ahmed and Victoria Schofield. In his speech, Mr. Junaid Qureshi explained the history of Terrorism in the Kashmir Valley and reiterated that Jammu & Kashmir is much more than the Valley of Kashmir only. He also touched upon human rights violations in the region, the construction of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor and the UN Resolutions on Jammu & Kashmir. In response to inflammatory and discriminatory remarks towards non-Muslims in the audience made by Lord Nazir Ahmed, the audience at the event refused to allow the Lord to continue his speech. Mr. Junaid Qureshi intervened and stated that he does not agree with the statements made by Lord Nazir Ahmed. Nevertheless, based on the principles of freedom of expression, Mr. Junaid Qureshi requested the audience to allow the Lord to finish his speech. The audience honoured Mr. Junaid Qureshi's request and allowed Lord Nazir to finish his speech only after he apologized for his discriminatory remarks. 

The speeches were followed by a vibrant Q&A Session in which various layers of the Jammu & Kashmir issue, like proxy warfare, Terrorism and political and historical sensitivities were discussed.

Video of the speech of Mr. Junaid Qureshi at King's College, London


For all the videos of the Q&A Session