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Q&A Session during EFSAS Conference in House of Commons


In collaboration with the Foreign Policy group of the UK Labour Party, the European Foundation for South Asian Studies (EFSAS) organized a conference, titled 'China’s Expansionism in South Asia', in Committee Room 5 of the House of Commons - UK Parliament, in London on 15 November 2023. A group of international experts including MPs presented their views while deliberating upon the topic and discussing the ramifications of China’s economic and geopolitical expansionism in the region of South Asia and beyond.

The Conference was followed by a dynamic Q&A session, during which the audience had the chance to ask questions and exchange views with the speakers on various issues, such as the position of the Labour Party towards China’s expansionism in South Asia and possible policy implementations, the BRI’s role in increasing China’s soft power and India’s increasing relations with Europe as a step towards a multipolar system. 

Q&A Session during EFSAS Conference in House of Commons. 


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