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Speech of Mr. Burzine Waghmar (EFSAS Fellow) at Royal Asiatic Society, London

15-12-2017, London

Affiliated at the University of London's School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), Mr. Burzine Waghmar is a Senior Library Assistant, and former editor of the Circle of Inner Asian Art newsletter. At SOAS he holds affiliations with the SOAS South Asia Institute (SSAI), London Middle East Institute (LMEI), Centre for the Study of Pakistan (CSP) and Centre for Iranian Studies (CIS).

During his speech at the Panel Discussion, 'CPEC: Diplomatic debt-trap or economic game-changer for South Asia?’, organized by EFSAS, Mr. Burzine Waghmar critically examined Pakistan's relationship with China as its ‘all-weather friend’, calling it a "asymmetrical deliberately cynical relationship wherein Beijing has always assumed the mantle of an Marxist imperialist". 

He further elaborated upon the geo-political impact of the CPEC and the adverse economic outfall for Pakistan. 

  Video of Mr. Burzine Waghmar at Royal Asiatic Society, London



Mr. Burzine Waghmar during the Q&A Session at Royal Asiatic Society, London 


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