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EFSAS calls upon renowned professor of University of Groningen


Mr. Dušan Vejinović (Senior Research Analyst EFSAS) and Ms. Yoana Barakova (Research Analyst EFSAS) held a meeting with Dr. Clemens Six, a renowned professor of Contemporary Global History at the Department of History at the University of Groningen, and with a profound expertise on South Asian history and international relations.

Among the topics discussed were growing radicalization in South Asia. Dr. Clemens Six expressed his concerns that radicalization could further deteriorate the already fragile peace in South Asia, increase polarization among the diverse population in the region and become a catalyst for extremist narratives.

In addition he brought EFSAS’ attention to the lack of transparency in regard to the funding of religious organizations in South Asia. According to Dr. Clemens Six, there should be more research on the money trail of such organizations since it would reveal their aims and objectives. Regulation and regularization of these institutions and their money trails could help improve the general security situation. 

Ms. Yoana Barakova with Mr. Clemens Six at the University of Groningen


The Jammu & Kashmir issue was further thoroughly discussed. According to Dr. Clemens Six, a solution to the conflict could come with a sustained dialogue in which all parties try to build a consensus. He further agreed that there is an urgent need for the people of all the regions of Jammu & Kashmir (Indian Administered J&K and Pakistan Administered J&K) to meet, talk to each other and try to bridge the unfortunate divisions of the last 70 years.

The delegation of EFSAS expressed their delight in cooperating with Dr. Clemens Six and learn from his expertise and also invited him to share his expertise during EFSAS’ upcoming events in order to elaborate upon the aforementioned underexplored issues. It was further agreed to assist each other with research, advice and suggestions regarding respective spheres of work.