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EFSAS holds meeting with leading Expert on Afghanistan of Radboud University


The European Foundation for South Asian Studies (EFSAS) welcomed at its office Dr. Romain Malejacq, an Assistant Professor at the Centre for International Conflict Analysis and Management (CICAM) at Radboud University Nijmegen, whose main focus of research is in the field of State building and State making processes, violence, armed conflicts, armed groups, failed States and Warlordism in Afghanistan.

The representatives of EFSAS and Dr. Malejacq deliberated upon the future of Afghanistan in the wake of the potential US troops withdrawal from the country and foreseen accommodation of the Taliban in the government. Both parties agreed that the complete removal of foreign presence without a sustainable cohesive transition plan could be detrimental to the future stability and reconstruction of the war ravaged nation. In addition, Dr. Malejacq analysed the rise of Islamic State of Khorasan in the region, arguing that the Afghan people tend to express less social support for the terrorist group, in comparison to the Taliban, hence contributing to its potential evanescence. The existence of fractions of Islamic State in the rest of South Asia was further examined.

Mr. Junaid Qureshi, Mr. Hossein Mojtahedi and Ms. Yoana Barakova (all EFSAS) with Dr. Romain Malejacq (Radboud University Nijmegen)


EFSAS and Dr. Malejacq acknowledged the fact that religious schools (madrassas) play an essential role in the indoctrination and radicalization of young people in South Asia. Hence, the promotion of secular education and the creation and support for such academic programmes should be a leading incentive on behalf of the international community in order to prevent the increase of violent extremism in the region.

EFSAS and Dr. Malejacq further discussed possibilities for future cooperation and exchange of expert opinion and research, especially in regards to counter-terrorism strategies and conflict resolution in Afghanistan.