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EFSAS submits a consideration to the EU Parliament motion for a Resolution on Human Rights Violations


A delegation of EFSAS, consisting of Mr. Dušan Vejinović and Ms. Mara Nicolai, called upon the EU advisor on foreign affairs, Ms. Sanne de Mayer at the European Parliament in Brussels. The topic of discussion was the current introduction of a motion for a resolution on Pakistan, in particular highlighting the human rights violations as a result of the construction of the proposed China Pakistan Economic Corridor. The representatives of EFSAS submitted a consideration to the Resolution, regarding the Jammu & Kashmir issue and specifically the region of Gilgit Baltistan, through which the corridor passes. After thorough research, EFSAS is of the opinion that the construction of this corridor is illegal and in contravention of International Law, as Gilgit Baltistan is an integral part of the (disputed) Princely State of Jammu & Kashmir. The area of Gilgit Baltistan belongs to its people and the EU should take note and act against Chinese intrusions in this region, which negate the interests of the indigenous population. In addition to the fact that the CPEC is illegal, the Chinese and Pakistani State will use the resources of this area without due consideration to the population, environment and ecology. 

 Ms. Mara Nicolai (EFSAS) with Ms. Sanne de Mayer, EU Advisor on Foreign Affairs at the EU Parliament in Brussels.