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EFSAS meets with academics, Think-tanks, NGO’s and Legal experts in the Netherlands

May 2017

Representatives of EFSAS, Mara Nicolai, Yoana Barakova, Dusan Vejinovic and Junaid Qureshi called upon academics of prestigious universities, Think-tanks, NGO’s and Legal experts in The Netherlands and had an exchange of views on recent developments related to terrorism and politics in South Asia. Opportunities for future collaboration on research and organizing seminars and conferences were also explored. The legality of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) which passes through Gilgit Baltistan (part of the disputed territory of Jammu & Kashmir) was discussed extensively with the Legal experts. 

EFSAS met with Mr. Bikash Chowdhury Barua – Chairman of BASUG -Diaspora and Development in The Hague. BASUG is an organisation of professional migrants in the Netherlands coming mainly from Bangladesh to work on issues relevant to the community and overwhelming urge to contribute to development of Bangladesh. The prevailing situation in Bangladesh was discussed and EFSAS presented its two recent publication related to Bangladesh to the Chairman.

Mr. Dušan Vejinović, Ms. Yoana Barakova and Mr. Junaid Qureshi with Mr. Bikash Chowdhury Barua – Chairman of BASUG


A meeting was also held with Mr. Joris van Wijk, Associate Professor at the Faculty of Law and Director of the Master’s Programme International Crimes & Criminology of the Free University (Vrije Universiteit) in Amsterdam. Mr. van Wijk briefed the delegation of EFSAS on the migration of radicalism and its nexus with international criminal organization. It was decided that EFSAS will hold a Seminar/Lecture in the University together with the Faculty of Law wherein it will try to elaborate more on this nexus.

 Mr. Dušan Vejinović and Mr. Junaid Qureshi with Professor Willem van Genugten at the University of Tilburg. 


EFSAS also called upon Professor Willem van Genugten at the University of Tilburg. Prof. van Genugten is among the most renowned experts in International Law, International criminal tribunals,  Human rights and National minorities. Besides being a of International Law at the Tilburg University and an Extraordinary Professor of International Law at the North-West University (SA), he is also Chairman and/or Member of a number of reputed international organizations. Mr. Genugten discussed the issue of Jammu & Kashmir in International Law perspective and accepted to give his comments and insights on papers of EFSAS pertaining to 'international' legal questions.