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40th Session UNHRC: Intervention by Mr. Junaid Qureshi - Director EFSAS

12-03-2019, Geneva

Text and video of the Intervention made by Mr. Junaid Qureshi, Director European Foundation for South Asian Studies (EFSAS), on General Debate Item 4 (Human rights situations that require the Council’s attention) during the 40th Session of the UNHRC in Geneva.

Video of Mr. Junaid Qureshi's Intervention on General Debate Item 4 during the 40th Session of the UNHRC


"Mr. President, 

I would like to draw the Council’s attention to the situation in Jammu & Kashmir. 

When it comes to my Homeland, the Islamic Republic of Pakistan has a rather questionable distinction to its credit: It is the only country, which has made the shameless transition from an Invader, to a Broker. 

Firstly, Pakistan invaded Jammu & Kashmir in 1947. Since then, it has been an Occupier - And now, it is a broker, as it is negotiating the sale of Gilgit Baltistan to Beijing. 

In collaboration with China, Pakistan’s attempts to change the status of Gilgit Baltistan have multiplied, as the region is vital for the construction of the illegal China Pakistan Economic Corridor. 

The Pakistani Supreme Court, in its verdict of 17 January 2019, rightly acknowledged that Gilgit Baltistan is a disputed territory and its status cannot be changed. However, the said disputed status of this integral part of Jammu & Kashmir, strangely enough, did not prevent the same Supreme Court from extending its own jurisdiction over the region.   

Mr. President, 

Pakistan has forcibly divided Jammu & Kashmir while it continues fomenting Terrorism and keeps deceiving the world by manifesting itself as a self-styled protector of the rights of the people of Jammu & Kashmir for over 7 decades. 

We, the people of Jammu & Kashmir, fear that Pakistan’s sheer cunningness and utter hypocrisy will keep prevailing at the expense of my and coming generations. 

Unless, the UN intervenes and proves us wrong. 

Thank you".


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