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42nd Session UNHRC: Intervention by Ms. Soana Deunier - Research Analyst EFSAS

18-09-2019, Geneva

Text and video of Ms. Soana Deunier's Intervention on General Debate Item 4 (Human rights situations that require the Council's attention) during the 42nd Session of the UN Human Rights Council.

Video of Ms. Soana Deunier's Intervention on General Debate Item 4 during the 42nd Session of the UNHRC


“Madam Vice-President,

I would like to address this Council’s lack of adequate concern to the menace of terrorism, particularly State-sponsored terrorism by Pakistan, in South Asia.

Terrorism has emerged as among the worst forms of human rights violations in the region, but it has not received its due attention from this Council.

The UN Security Council has designated the Taliban, the Haqqani network, Lashkar-e-Taibah and Jaish-e-Mohammad as terrorist entities. These groups kill and maim thousands annually and cripple the development of South Asia, yet they continue operating with the blessing of one common benefactor – the State of Pakistan.

Two recent developments- the decision by US President to terminate year-long peace talks with the Taliban, and India’s unilateral decision to revoke the special status of Indian-Administered Jammu and Kashmir- may provoke dangerous misadventures from Pakistan.Given its track record as well as the statements emanating from its top leadership, the likelihood of Pakistan perpetuating the cycle of violence in Afghanistan and Indian Administered Jammu and Kashmir through its terrorist proxies is very high.

The Asia-Pacific Group and the Financial Action Task Force have already sharpened their focus on Pakistan-sponsored terrorism in South Asia.

Madam Vice-President

I call upon this Council to do the same.

A detailed report on the topic by the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rightshas become imperative in ensuring stability and security in South Asia, as well as preventing terrorism from causing further widespread human rights violations. 

Thank you.”


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