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Sessions of UNHRC

51st Session UNHRC: Intervention by Ms. Anne Heckendorff (Research Analyst EFSAS) on Item 4 - Interactive dialogue

22-09-2022, Geneva 

Text and video of Ms. Anne Heckendorff's Intervention on Interactive dialogue on the report of OHCHR on the progress made and remaining challenges with regard to the recommendations of the independent international fact-finding mission on Myanmar in its conference room paper on the economic interests of the military.

Video of Ms. Anne Heckendorff's Intervention on Interactive dialogue Item 4 during the 51st Session of the UNHRC.


"Mr. President,

The military coup of 2021 critically hampers UN-steered attempts to constructively engage with Myanmar, while the poliarizing geo-political landscape prevents the seamless implementation of coercive measures. The recent East Economic Forum has shown that certain States, especially Russia, are more than happy to shelter the Tatmadaw’s top brass from serious financial hardship.

While maintaining pressure on States who do not comply with the economic sanctions regime is important, diplomatic means to exert pressure have not been exploited sufficiently. More specifically, the question of legitimacy needs to be addressed more assertively, especially as the legally viable alternative to the Military Council exists: the NUG shadow government consists of democratically elected officials and represents the interests of a clear majority of Myanmar’s population, including ethnic minorities. Besides, the NUG’s credible declaration to commit to the repatriation of the Rohingya, to accept the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court and to federalize Myanmar in line with the wishes of ethnic minority groups make it an ally of the community of States who value human rights and the rule of law. Yet, only a handful of States recognizes the NUG as Myanmar’s legitimate government.

Mr. President,

I humbly appeal to this Council to send a signal to its Members by formally recognizing the NUG as the only legitimate State representative of Myanmar, and to hold those States accountable which, despite being members of this august Council, still collude with the junta and thereby help keeping a criminal regime in power.

Thank you".

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