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Dr. Bahar Jalali (Loyola University, Maryland) speaking during EFSAS Side-event/Webinar - 49th Session of UNHRC

30-03-2022, Amsterdam

Dr. Bahar Jalali, Visiting Associate Professor of History at Loyola University Maryland, US and founder of the first Gender Studies programme in Afghanistan, emphasized that the Taliban cannot be described as an Afghan movement as the ranks of the Taliban were recruited from Afghans who had fled to Pakistan and who had thus never experienced a traditional Afghan life. She noted that comments Imran Khan and David Petraeus have made regarding Afghan history were frequently inaccurate and that Afghanistan in fact had a long history of democracy and female emancipation. 

Dr. Bahar Jalali speaking during EFSAS Side-event/Webinar on the sidelines of 49th Session of UNHRC


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