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Dr. Petr Topychkanov (SIPRI) speaking during EFSAS Side-event/Webinar - 46th Session of UNHRC

16-03-2021, Amsterdam

Dr. Petr Topychkanov, Senior Researcher at the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) and former Fellow at Carnegie Moscow further discussed how the US military presence in Afghanistan could pose potential risks on the nuclear stability of the region. He provided a definition of nuclear terrorism, explaining how it is an overarching term that ranges from building improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and using nuclear devices built by States, through using radiological materials like plutonium or uranium but also medical materials. Dr. Topychkanov emphasized the fact that the danger of nuclear terrorism also included the means of a terrorist groups using threats with the aim of convincing its adversary that they are in possession of such materials and are willing to use them regardless of whether that is the reality or not.

Dr. Petr Topychkanov speaking during EFSAS Side-event/Webinar on the sidelines of 46th Session of UNHRC


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