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Dr. Weeda Mehran (University of Exeter) speaking during EFSAS Side-event/Webinar - 48th Session of UNHRC

21-09-2021, Amsterdam

Dr. Mehran elaborated on the factors that assisted in Taliban's image-shaping through its tech-savvy approach. By displaying a nationalist angle and the purpose of fighting for freedom in Afghanistan, as well as adapting linguistic and cultural markers to the different audiences, the Taliban succeeded in shaping its narrative accordingly. An expedited pace of distribution of messages captured directly from battlefields with an embedded media unit, contrasting the comparably slow circulation of messages by the former Afghan government or NATO, aided the Taliban’s perspective to gain prominence amass, whereas the perspective of legitimate groups would fall behind.

Dr. Weeda Mehran speaking during EFSAS Side-event/Webinar on the sidelines of 48th Session of UNHRC


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