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Mr. Malaiz Daud speaking during EFSAS Side-event at the 42nd Session of UNHRC

24-09-2019, Geneva

Mr. Malaiz Daud, Former Chief of Staff of Afghanistan’s President Ashraf Ghani and Research Fellow at the Barcelona Center for International Affairs, discussed the Taliban’s financial resources and arrangements alongside with the convergence of State and non-State actors in the AfPak region. He analysed the typology of the Taliban’s funding structure arguing that it is stratified into multiple dimensions, namely internal, transnational and external. While the means of financing could be seen as State-sponsored, illegal, legal and popular support. He illustrated how the terrorist outfit primarily receives its resources from the military establishment in Pakistan, while countries such as Iran, Russia and Qatar to a limited extent, also play a role. In terms of illegal activity, the group resorts to narcotics trade, lumber trade, extortion, kidnappings, petty crimes, “over or double taxation” of local populace and conscription fines.  

Mr. Malaiz Daud (Berghof Foundation) speaking during EFSAS Side-event at the 42nd Session of the UNHRC


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