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Ms. Sara Wahedi (CEO of Ehtesab) speaking during EFSAS Side-event/Webinar - 49th Session of UNHRC

30-03-2022, Amsterdam

Ms. Sara Wahedi, CEO and Founder of Ehtesab, Afghanistan's first civic technology startup. Earlier this year, she was named one of TIME Magazine's 'Next Generation Leaders', BBC's '100 Women of 2022', and is a 2022 semi-finalist for MIT Technology Review's 'Innovators under 35' list, for her work in democratizing access to information for Afghans. Ms. Wahedi deliberated upon the objectives of her company and explained how her mobile app, Ehtesab, crowd-sources verified reports of bombings, shootings, roadblocks, and city-service issues - giving residents of Kabul clarity in moments of chaos.


 Ms. Sara Wahedi speaking during EFSAS Side-event/Webinar on the sidelines of 49th Session of UNHRC


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