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EFSAS interview with Mr. Burzine Waghmar (SOAS) on partition and India & Pakistan at 75

13-12-2023, Amsterdam

In this Interview held at EFSAS' Office in Amsterdam, Burzine Waghmar of SOAS South Asia Institute and Former Inaugural Visiting India Fellow at RUSI-London discussed at length the historical context of partition in 1947 and where India and Pakistan stand at 75. According to Mr. Waghmar, the true reason for the different trajectories of the countries was largely due to their different leadership. Jawaharlal Nehru always had a vision for India, which included land reforms, industrialization and increasing education levels throughout the country. By contrast, Muhammad Ali Jinnah was entirely focused on accomplishing an independent Pakistan, and lacked a grander vision for the country’s future. 

Mr. Waghmar in conversation with Director EFSAS, Junaid Qureshi.





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