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EFSAS interview with Mr. Daud Khattak (Managing Editor Radio Free Europe) on the many crises in Pakistan

31-08-2023, Amsterdam

Mr. Khattak is the Managing Editor of Radio Free Europe, Radio Liberty’s Pashto language Mashaal Radio in Prague. He previously worked for Pakistani English-language newspapers, covering Pakistan’s and the Taliban's military operations in the Pakistan-Afghanistan border regions, as part of the global war on terrorism. Mr. Khattak also worked in Kabul as English service editor for Afghanistan’s first independence news agency. Among the various papers published by Mr. Khattak, there is “The Genesis of Taliban emergence in Swat '' for the US think tank The New America Foundation. His articles and research papers on Taliban, terrorism, and politics in Pakistan have been published in various publications such as the CTC (Combating Terrorism Center) Sentinel, the American Interest, the Diplomat, Foreign Policy, the Washington Post, and the Sunday Times in London. In this interview, he discussed in depth the political and economic crises in Pakistan, as well as the roles of the Military Establishment, Terrorist Organisations, Politicians and the effect of these forces on the Human Rights of the people of Pakistan.

Mr. Daud Khattak in conversation with Director EFSAS, Junaid Qureshi.





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