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EFSAS Interview with Mr. Fazal Khan (Advocate and HR Activist) on the APS Attack of 2014

19-10-2022, Amsterdam

Mr. Fazal Khan, a human rights activist, lawyer, and founding member of the Pashtun Tahafuz Movement (PTM), joined EFSAS Director Junaid Qureshi in Amsterdam for the latest rendition of EFSAS’ interview series. Mr. Khan’s son was killed among more than 140 others during the 2014 Peshawar school massacre. Born and educated in Peshawar, Mr. Khan has developed a passion for empowering marginalized individuals and communities, including during his time at university. 

The killing of Mr. Khan’s son has driven his continued focus on human rights activism and his pursuit of justice for the children killed during the 2014 massacre. Mr. Khan stated that “no words could explain” the trauma he incurred by the killing of his eldest son and described the pain of examining the bodies arriving at the hospital in the search for his child. 

Mr. Fazal Khan (Advocate, Human Rights Activist, President of Army Public School Shuhada Forum and founding member of the PTM) speaking to Junaid Qureshi - Director EFSAS.





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