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EFSAS Interview with Mr. Bashir Ahmad Gwakh (Radio Free Europe) on Taliban, TTP, ISKP and the Pakistani Military Establishment

21-07-2022, Amsterdam

As part of EFSAS’ monthly feature of holding interviews with interesting personalities, EFSAS Director Mr. Junaid Qureshi interviewed Mr. Bashir Ahmad Gwakh, an award-winning journalist from Afghanistan. Mr. Gwakh is currently working at Radio Free Europe’s Mashaal Radio as a broadcaster, and prior to that he worked as news editor for NATO/ISAF newspaper, Azadey Ghag. Mr. Bashir Ahmad Gwakh spoke at length about the Taliban, TTP, ISKP, Pakistani Military establishment and the rapidly changing and challenging extremist landscape in South Asia. 

Mr. Bashir Ahmad Gwakh (Radio Free Europe) speaking to Junaid Qureshi - Director EFSAS.





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