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EFSAS interview with Prof. Briskey (Murdoch University) on the 'Strategic culture' of the Pakistani Army

07-09-2023, Amsterdam

Professor Briskey is currently Associate Professor of Criminology at the school of Law & Criminology at Murdoch University, Perth, Western Australia. In a previous career appointment in the Federal Government, he undertook long term postings to a number of Australian Embassies and High Commissions including Pakistan where he lived for a number of years as well as Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Indonesia. Professor Briskey holds a PhD from the Australian Defence Force Academy as well as a Masters of Strategic Affairs Degree, and a Graduate Diploma in Islamic studies. In this Interview he discussed in depth the 'Strategic culture' of the Pakistani Army based on its beliefs of Muslim Identity, Martial Race and enmity with India. Professor Briskey outlined that, in order to support these ideas, the Pakistanis have adopted a very particular view of their own history.

Professor Briskey in conversation with Director EFSAS, Junaid Qureshi.





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