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EFSAS Interview with Ms. Sanna Ejaz (Pakistani journalist and HR Activist) on the human rights situation in Pakistan

17-08-2022, Amsterdam

EFSAS interviewed Ms. Sanna Ejaz, a journalist and human rights activist from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan who is also a leading member of the Pashtun Tahafuz Movement (PTM), as well as a founding member of the Waak Movement, which aims to bring political awareness among Pashtun women. She was formerly the vice-president of the youth wing of Awami National Party (ANP) and was fired in 2018 from her position at Pakistan Television Corporation (PTV), Pakistan’s national broadcasting service, for her activism surrounding human rights and especially minority rights in Pakistan. Since then, she has survived three assassination attempts and now lives in London. Ms. Ejaz contended that the military establishment has transformed Pakistan into a prison-like system controlled by security authorities, with the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) playing a particularly central role in entrenching military rule.

Ms. Sanna Ejaz (Pakistani journalist and HR Activist) speaking to Junaid Qureshi - Director EFSAS.





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