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Interview with Dr. Dorotheé Vandamme (Université Catholic de Louvain)

08-12-2021, Amsterdam

EFSAS hosted an engaging interview with Dr. Dorotheé Vandamme, Lecturer at Université Catholic de Louvain, Research assistant at the Centre for the Study of Crises and International Conflicts, Research Fellow at the Genesys Network and Research Fellow at EFSAS. Dr. Vandamme's work focuses on Pakistan and the evolving South Asian regional context, with an emphasis on international social dynamics, and the interconnections between global and local levels. In the interview, Dr. Vandamme argued that understanding Pakistan foremost means understanding the Pakistani Military. For Dr. Vandamme, a particular research interest is how Pakistanis tend to define their identity as non-Indian, and from that starting point, make sense of the country and the world as a whole.

During the interview, issues like Afghanistan, the Taliban, the Pakistani Military Establishment and relations with India were discussed elaborately.


Dr. Dorotheé Vandamme - Université Catholic de Louvain - speaking to Junaid Qureshi - Director EFSAS.





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