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ARES 2.0

ARES 2.0 is is a company specialized in socio-economic research and institutional communication. It is especially devoted to disadvantaged targets and sensitive topics, on which it works in strong cooperation with non-profit organizations, institutional actors and policy makers.

The company operates today with a team of 50 professionals, experts in economic and social sciences, communication, and project management.

With this configuration, the company is now ISO 9001: 2015 certified.

For over five years ARES 2.0 has been accredited at the European Parliament as a provider of social web institutional communication services. In this area, ARES 2.0 works integrating traditional communication channels (radio, press, TV) to new media (social and web) and unconventional communication (guerilla MKT). In the creation of the communication campaigns, ARES 2.0 implements integrated communication plans, targeting analysis, media mix creativity and copywriting, video and radio outputs, creative and organizational planning of events.

Within this bouquet of activities, ARES 2.0 has been responsible for more than 60 communication services on institutional and social topics at National and EU level.

Among research activities, sectors of consolidated interest are Islamic radicalization, Labor Market and Vocational Training, Sustainability and Security, Welfare, Social Affairs and Citizenship, Informal economy and crime, Local Development, Companies’ Competitiveness, Industrial Policies and Economics related to the “Made in Italy”. The methodologies combine the desk level, through the use of continuously updated statistical databases, and a field level, conducted through a wide range of research methodology and survey techniques, both traditional, such as interviews and focus, and more innovative, such as the management of online surveys.