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Asia Elects & Europe Elects

Asia Elects is a market leader in the analysis of polls and election data in Asia. The mission of Asia Elects is to make big data related to polls and elections accessible for researchers, journalists, politicians, and citizens across borders to contribute towards a common understanding of global democracy. The international team contextualises the data for free for the wider public. Moreover, Asia Elects acts as a democracy watchdog in authoritarian countries. Asia Elects’ work breaks the national narrative and reports from a transnational perspective for a pan-Asian audience and has been referenced by the Washington Post and other reputable media.

Europe Elects is a non-partisan initiative devoted to enriching European democracy through accessible election data. Committed to public service, Europe Elects offers free and comprehensive information, covering elections from local to EU levels. Serving as a pivotal election hub, Europe Elects' platform caters to citizens across the continent, boasting over a quarter million social media followers. Europe Elects' commitment to open and transparent polling and election data extends to journalists and academics, information gatekeepers who draw on Europe Elects' verified and readily available datasets. With real-time reporting, analysis, and a democracy watchdog role from a European perspective, Europe Elects aims to empower citizens with European political understanding in a world led by democracy.