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SCENOR - SCientia ENim ORbis terrarum

SCENOR (SCientia ENim ORbis terrarum) is a non-profit association, located in Vienna, Austria. As of 1 March 2023, EFSAS and SCENOR are Partners in "PARTICIPATORY APPROACHES TO PROTECTING PLACES OF WORSHIP" (PARTES), a project funded by the European Union’s (EU) Internal Security Fund. 

SCENOR is driven by a motivation to improve society as a whole and while doing so promoting an area of security and democracy in Austria, Europe and world-wide – be it in the context of groundbreaking science projects or by providing exceptional technical expertise. The European Union as the ultimate peace project stands at its core. In its view, too little emphasis is put on the question: how society can become better, more modern and resilient to better meet multi-fold challenges it faces today.

SCENOR wants to contribute its share.

SCENOR has no affiliation to any political party or other interest group. It believes that research has an obligation to be impartial and try to be as objective as humanly possible.