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EFSAS Infographics with data, facts, news and analyses on South Asia. 

Publication: The Rapid Action Battalion (RAB)

The Rapid Action Battalion (RAB)

RAB and State Violence in Bangladesh
Publication: Female Labor Market Participation in South Asia

Female Labor Market Participation in South Asia

Drivers of Economic Inequality & Remedies
Publication: Agriculture Laws in India

Agriculture Laws in India

Background & Protest by Farmers
Publication: Military coup in Myanmar

Military coup in Myanmar

Background, Ramifications & Reactions
Publication: Sectarianism in Gilgit-Baltistan

Sectarianism in Gilgit-Baltistan

Key Facts & Dates
Publication: China's grip on Tibet

China's grip on Tibet

New impetus through the Tibetan Policy and Support Act?
Publication: Struggle in the Himalayas

Struggle in the Himalayas

Nepal between China and India
Publication: ITI Railway

ITI Railway

Launch of the Istanbul-Tehran-Islamabad Railway