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EFSAS Infographics with data, facts, news and analyses on South Asia. 

Publication: Bangladesh


From East Pakistan to present-day Bangladesh
Publication: South Asia's Nuclear Conundrum

South Asia's Nuclear Conundrum

The Sino-Indo-Pak Nuclear Arms Stalemate.
Publication: Counter-Terrorist Financing in South Asia

Counter-Terrorist Financing in South Asia

Exploring the legal framework.
Publication: The Taliban

The Taliban

Civilian casualties due to terrorism in Afghanistan.
Publication: Terrorism in Sri Lanka

Terrorism in Sri Lanka

Historical major attacks and renewed interest of the Islamic State in South Asia.
Publication: Terrorism in Pakistan

Terrorism in Pakistan

Pakistani based terrorist organisations operating on foreign and domestic soil.
Publication: Afghan Peace Process

Afghan Peace Process

Timeline of the Afghan Peace Process and the main actors.
Publication: China's Debt-Trap Diplomacy

China's Debt-Trap Diplomacy

China's Belt and Road Initiative (Debt-Trap Diplomacy) in South Asia.