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EFSAS Infographics with data, facts, news and analyses on South Asia. 

Publication: Difa-e-Pakistan Council

Difa-e-Pakistan Council

Terror machinery back in action
Publication: Greenwashing the BRI

Greenwashing the BRI

GHG and BRI Countries
Publication: Sri Lanka-IMF Bailout

Sri Lanka-IMF Bailout

Extended Emergency Fund (EFF)
Publication: US Resolution-India

US Resolution-India

Arunachal Pradesh
Publication: EFSAS Side-event

EFSAS Side-event

52nd Session UNHRC
Publication: G20 in New Delhi

G20 in New Delhi

Slow but steady progress
Publication: Xi Jinping Re-election

Xi Jinping Re-election

Publication: Pakistan's IMF Bailout

Pakistan's IMF Bailout

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