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In the Media: Exclusive interview of Director EFSAS by 'Minorities of Kashmir'

Exclusive interview of Mr. Junaid Qureshi (Director EFSAS) by the team of 'Minorities of Kashmir'.


  • Excerpt from the interview:


Q) No one talks about the Human Rights of Minorities in J&K? Why is that?

A) We have a very different and incorrect understanding of Human Rights. Many of us believe that Human Rights are selective rights for particular selective groups. Only for the Muslims, only for the people of the Kashmir Valley, only for the Syeds etc. We have never talked about the rights, wishes or aspirations of the people of Jammu, Ladakh, Pakistan Administered J&K and Gilgit Baltistan. I sometimes feel that we, the people of the Kashmir Valley, have a certain (false) superiority complex over the rest of the people of the State.