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Publications - Study Papers

Corruption - an inherent element of Democracy in Pakistan?

If all departments of governmental life are implicated in gross corrupt activities, how is it possible…
Publications - Study Papers

Human Trafficking, Religious Indoctrination & Radicalization

This paper unveils the phenomenon of grooming individuals, mainly in South Asia, through religious indoctrination,…
Publication: Pakistan Army and Terrorism; an unholy alliance

Pakistan Army and Terrorism; an unholy alliance

Pakistan has become a victim of its own holy war as a consequence of the ‘unholy alliance'. This historic…
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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Evaluating the development of South Asia, while examining the influence of US, China and Russia, and…
Publications - Study Papers

The Exodus of Kashmiri Pandits

Fear-stricken Pandits, with anguish written large on their face, huddled up in their homes to think over…
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Pan-Islamism and Radicalization of Kashmiri Youth

Majority of the Muslim youth in the Kashmir Valley is increasingly inclining towards extremist political,…
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Pakistan’s marriage with China – a divorce from the USA?

China’s support for Pakistan’s approach towards terrorism clearly illustrates its intention to establish…
Publications - Study Papers

Proxy War in Jammu & Kashmir

Today the ‘war’ over Jammu & Kashmir is a multifaceted one which consists of political as well as social…