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Dr. Mohsin Shakil

Dr. Mohsin Shakil is a Health Professional Educationist and Fellow of the College of Physician & Surgeons (Pakistan) in the discipline of Urology, who is trained to research and develop research methodologies. He is presently working as Assistant Professor of Urology at Azad Jammu Kashmir Medical College (AJKMC), Muzaffarabad and is also a visiting urologist at Abbas Institute of Medical Sciences (AIMS), Muzaffarabad (AJK).

Since 2001, when he obtained his fellowship, he also worked in the medical tourism industry as a part time practitioner. His interest in sustainable tourism has continued to grow, specifically around its use as a tool in poverty alleviation and peace building. In 2009, he was appointed, Director General (DG) of the Azad Jammu Kashmir Tourism & Archaeology Department by virtue of his work and experience in tourism & anthropology.

Working at policy level, he was involved in the evaluation of new tourism products, newly identified destinations, impact of tourists’ activities on environment, destination development, human resource development and strategic planning for establishing tourism infrastructure during his tenure. Following on from this role since 2011, he continues to work in the industry, providing consultancy to commercial tourism organizations, public sector development department and academic institutions and also acquired the fellowship of the common wealth universities in “tourism & conflict studies”. He is working on cross LoC tourism as a measure of reconciliation & improving people to people contact.

He is also a poet & writer of the endangered ‘Pahari’ language and associated with the efforts for preservation & revival of this language. His contributions for ‘Pahari’ range from poetry, prose and literary publication to film production for the campaigns to improve the language use and finding opportunities for its commercial use.

As a research scientist his work is not limited only to urology or medical education. He has also contributed in varied subjects like Tourism & Poverty Alleviation, Conflict Studies, History, Archaeology, Cultural Anthropology, Linguistics, languages demography, development of Pahari script, alphabet and has many photo essays to his credit as a passionate photographer.

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