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Mr. Timothy Foxley (MBE)

Mr. Timothy Foxley is an independent consultant specialising in political/military analysis and research. He worked for the British government as a Defence Analyst from 1992 to 2014. He has studied Afghanistan, the region, and associated conflict themes, since 2001, much of this time at the UK Ministry of Defence as a Senior Analyst, where he received the MBE in 2005 for his Afghan work. He has also worked at the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI). He now also provides expertise on Afghanistan to UK lawyers defending Afghan asylum seekers.

In addition, Mr. Foxley is currently also engaged in studies of Eastern Europe, the Balkans and Russia-related security themes, including two operational tours in Bosnia during the 1990s. He lives in Malmö in southern Sweden. He is a keen punk rock guitarist and a much less keen marathon runner.

Read more about Mr. Foxley on his website: Afghanhindsight




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