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Ms. Myra MacDonald

Ms. Myra MacDonald is a specialist in South Asian politics, security and history and author of three books on India and Pakistan. Her latest book, “White as the Shroud; India, Pakistan and War on the Frontiers of Kashmir” (Hurst, 2020), covers the contested frontiers between India, Pakistan, and China in the high mountains and cold deserts between South and Central Asia. Before that she published “Defeat is an Orphan; How Pakistan Lost the Great South Asian War (Hurst, 2016). This follows the relative fortunes of India and Pakistan after their nuclear tests in 1998. Her first book, “Heights of Madness; One Woman’s Journey in Pursuit of a Secret War” (Rupa, 2008) is on the world’s highest war, fought between India and Pakistan in the mountains above the Siachen glacier. She is one of the few people to have visited the Siachen battlefield with both the Indian and Pakistan armies.

Myra was a journalist for Reuters for nearly thirty years, working in London, Paris, Cairo and New Delhi. She was bureau chief for Reuters in India. She lives in Edinburgh, Scotland. 




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